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Collagen Type II

Many people who are suffering with arthritis and  paintfull joints  would do almost anything to get relief. But if they knew why this was happening to them in the first place they would see that the relief they so desperately need is staring them right in the face.

The reason your joints become so painful as you age is that around age 25 you begin to lose the most important protein your body produces. This protein is called collagen and it begins reducing in our bodies at a rate of 1 1/2% per year. This means that by age 45 you only have approximately 75% of the protein present in your body that is needed for optimum collagen health. The severe joint pain you feel is a result of the reduction in collagen. This reduction affects everyone differently depending on the amount of loss present in an individuals body. Which is why some people suffer greatly and some not at all. Just as some people suffer terribly from allergies, some just a bit and others do not.

Once you are in the know, there is something you can do about it for your joint pain relief. The only way is to increase your amount of collagen is by adding this protein to your body on a daily basis. Unfortunately there are no foods that contain this essential protein, but rest assured your body requires it for optimum health and pain free living. Without collagen, health will deteriorate along with the joints.

Since this is a simple remedy, it is better to begin giving your body this protein sooner than later for joint pain relief. It will take about three months to feel the results on average, but for some it can be as soon as one month. If you have not tried giving your body back this most abundant protein then you have not done all you can for your body's collagen health.